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Online article at VeryWellHealth.com

Writer Fran Kritz composed a very complete article focusing on selected dangerous OTC products in older adults. I'm glad I could contribute my expertise! 

Article published in AARP Magazine
10 Over-the-Counter Medications That Can Become Risky After 50

AARP article by Maggie Aime RN

This article provides great information about common OTC products that can lead to adverse effects in older individuals. Thank you Maggie Aime for using me as an expert source for this article. It is well written and a useful resource! 

Published on-line November 17, 2023



Dr. Anisha Patel is a most generous indivdiual. Her podcasts are about pharmacists' journeys in the profession and are honest conversations between host and guest. My conversation with Dr. Patel is more about how my path unfolded and led to me being an entrepreneur and author, rather than just about "Maybet It's Your Medications." Dr. Patel's own journey contiinues to evolve, as well. I am grateful to have made her acquaintance and look forward to meeting her in person when I travel to the UK!


Preventing Medication Related Errors with Dr. Hedva Barenholtz Levy, Part 1

Dr. Hoffman led a great conversation in which we discussed over-the-counter products (part 1) and prescription medications (part 2). Dr. Hoffman focuses on providing thoughtful and meaningful informatoin to consumers. His podcasts have been dowloaded more than 11 million times. Check it out and share with others.




Preventing Medication Related Errors with Dr. Hedva Barenholtz Levy, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the podast with Dr. Ronald Hoffman in which we discuss prescriptiion medicaiton use. Check it out and share with others!

PrevenTable, A Prevent+Ed Podcast 

Hosted by Nichole Dawsey

Date:  September 27, 2023

Season 3, episode #25

I sat down with Nichole from PreventEd for a conversation about my book, "Maybe It's Your Medications." We talked about the process of writing and publishing the book and some of its major topics, including healthy aging, medication use, being an educated consumer, and how to discuss medicine and supplements with your healthcare providers. 



The Medical Truth Podcast 

Hosted by James Egidio

September 18, 2023

We had a great conversation touching on many key points about safe medication use in older adults -- and really adults of any age -- as well as healthy lifestyle choices.

40-Plus Fitness Podcast

Hosted by Allan Misner

Podcast #604

August 22, 2023

Allan is a health and fitness coach. In speaking with him before and after the podcast, he has a great philosophy and approach to helping indidviduals over 40 years old to achieve health goals one step at a time (check out his coaching website, 40PlusFitness)

He gave me a bonus acknowledgement in Podcast #605, where Allan lists 9 things to drop from your life today:  #9 is Unnecessary Medications!

Interview on Feisty Side of Fifty

Interview with Mary Eileen Williams 

Feisty Side of Fifty podcast

August 16, 2023

"Thank you for writing this book"

"It's practical, it's comprehensive, it's cutting edge"

"It's packed with life-saving information...It belongs in everyone's personal library"

KTRS 550 The Jennifer & Wendy Show
Live interview with STL radio icons Jennifer Blome and Wendy Wiess
July 31, 2023

Interview on Total Information A.M.

Interview with Megan Lynch

KMOX Radio

July 31, 2023

Town & Style St. Louis

Awesome write up by Bill Beggs, Jr.

July 26, 2023

FOX 2 Morning News Live Interview

Interview with co-anchor of FOX 2 News in the Morning Margie Ellisor

July 25, 2023

Webster-Kirkwood Times 

Thank you to Webster-Kirkwood Times for carrying an article announcing my book

St. Louis Author Publishes Guide for Healthy Aging about Medications

July 14-20, 2023

Advocating for Safe Medication Use on Facebook Live

Thank you to Aging Advantage for inviting me to present in June.

Family Caregiver Education Talk

June 9, 2023

View it on Facebook here!


Interview with the St. Louis Jewish Light

Drug interactions are a growing threat to older adults

By Bill Motchan, Special to the Jewish Light 

April 20, 2023

PrevenTable Podcast by PreventEd, St. Louis

Do You Have Any Questions for the Pharmacist?

Season 2, episode 17

May 2022

With host Nichole Dawsey. Thanks for caring about the community the way you do!